Fiddler on the Roof
2014 - 2015 Season
Fiddler on the Roof

Upcoming Training Opportunities:



November 2- November 23, Sundays | 10 am - 12pm

LOCATION: North Oakland Community Charter School 

TUITION: $200 per monthly session. 


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About the Workshop:

This workshop offers vital foundational dance training for musical theater performers.  Each class will feature a different style from somatics/movement training, classic and contemporary musical theater jazz, to basic theatrical tap! 
In addition to learning a variety of jazz and tap combinations, students will also learn the following:
-How to warmup safely before auditions, rehearsals, and performances
-How to train the body through somatic techniques to be more efficient and expressive
-How to embody characters, develop relationships, and “tell the story” through dance
-How to learn combinations quickly (particularly for auditions)
-How to perform with ease and confidence onstage
This workshop will provide a safe space for students of all levels to learn new concepts and fine-tune their skills.  Students will immerse themselves in the world of musical theater dance, develop a greater appreciation and understanding of various styles, and work on their own coordination, musicality, and presence.  The class will be challenging at times, exhilarating at others, and lots of fun!
Open to students from 7th grade and up; all levels welcome.  No audition necessary: participants are accepted to the workshop on a first come first served basis--class size limited to twenty-five.

What You’ll Need:

-Comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely (fitted t-shirts/tank tops, jazz/yoga pants, leotards, tights, sweats, stretch capris, athletic shorts, etc.)
-Soft, pliable jazz shoes
-Low-heeled tap shoes
(**athletic/tennis shoes will also work in lieu of dance shoes)


DEREK LUSCUTOFF In addition to finessing his own dance technique in genres ranging from ballet to hip hop, Derek has taken on several leadership roles as a music director, rehearsal/pit pianist, and choreographer for various productions on the UC Berkeley campus.  In his spare time, he coordinates and performs musical revues at retirement homes and assisted living facilities.  Derek has enjoyed performing in several YMTC shows--Anything Goes, Ragtime, and West Side Story.  









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