YMTC has a large, rich and diverse volunteer community whose members range from parents with a desire to be involved with something their kid(s) are passionate about to community artists who are thrilled about the work that we are doing and want to be a part of it.

If you think you'd like to get involved-- whether you have a specific way that you can help that suits your skills set or if are looking for ideas about how you can best help-- please contact us.

Or check our Volunteer Page

Here are just some of the ways that volunteers do and can help us out:

  • Set building and painting
  • Costume design and building
  • Make-up and costume assistance backstage during performances
  • Administrative assistance (clerical work)
  • Newsletter writing and editing
  • Box office, house management and ushering
  • Program stuffing


  • Mailing
  • Event planning
  • Set storage