Fiddler on the Roof
2014 - 2015 Season
Fiddler on the Roof

Why Support YMTC, Why Now?!

YMTC gives young performing artists the chance to explore their passions and follow their dreams by offering rigorous, professional-quality training and performance experience. Our students tell us that they leave YMTC's workshops and productions with more confidence, stronger empathy, a greater sense of responsibility, and a deeper capacity to imagine, create, and perform. They have learned to pay close attention, to communicate with one another, and to energetically participate in the collaborative process.  Our youth need these qualities, now more than ever.

In the current harsh economic climate, opportunities for young artists to develop these strengths are diminishing.  As financial support for the performing arts dwindles, YMTC is committed to making sure that this doesn't happen in our community, because our young people are not only the next generation of artists, but are the next generation of engaged citizens.

Now can you spread the news to your friends? 

We've made helping YMTC easy: just point folks to our donation page at  Every dollar makes a difference!


YMTC has a wish-list:

  • Volunteer set builders and painters
  • Storage space for sets, props and costumes
  • Large shop space to build sets
  • Copying and printing services
  • Volunteers to help run concessions during shows
  • Bakers to make concessions
  • Wine and beer donated to see in lobby
  • Certificates for services (facials, massages, restaurant certificates, etc.) or other items that we can add to our auctions for fundraising purposes.

If you can help with any of the above items or in-kind services, please send us an email.

You can also support YMTC through eScrip!

Youth Musical Theater Company/eScrip Group ID 500018116

A number of you may be familiar with Escrip since most of the schools have Escrip accounts, and encourage parent participation.  If you already have an Escrip account, you can add YMTC to your list of support recipients, and if you have never participated in Escrip, the idea is fairly simple. 

You register with Escrip on their website, designate one or more recipient organizations, and can register credit, debit or store cards.  When you use your registered credit or debit cards at a participating merchant, the recipient organizations on your list get a donation equal to one or more percent of whatever you spend. 

A number of local stores, like Andronico's, AG Ferrari, and Whole Foods, all participate (one caveat - Safeway participates only for the benefit of K-12 schools, not non-profit organizations like YMTC).

If you want to help YMTC by signing up with Escrip, please go to their website at clicking on the "welcome" option, then going to the "signup" option.    On the secure signup site - look for the "https" designator - you register your name and address, and credit cards or store cards (like Macy's).  When you use these cards at participating merchants, YMTC will be credited with a percentage of what you spend.  The list of supporting merchants can be found here.
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