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A word from the director ....

As the curtain is about to rise on our production of Anything Goes, it is fun to imagine Cole Porter himself, sitting in the front row on opening night, chuckling at all the same jokes, the loony mistaken identity plots, and of course his wonderfully witty lyrics, thinking to himself, "nothing has changed."

 Everything has changed, of course, since 1934 when Porter first collaborated with P.G. Wodehouse and Guy Bolton to create this wildly popular musical comedy.  Not least is what modern audiences consider entertaining. And yet in 2010, in the midst of a global economic depression and wars overseas, we find ourselves needing the salve of laughter and music every bit as much as our grandparents did in the depression-fatigued mid-1930s.  

All of us directors working on this show have been alternately floored and delighted by how much these young artists are claiming this material, making it their own, and rising to the enormous challenges both it and we put before them. The kind of triple threat talent – singing, acting, and dancing -- that a show like this requires is enormous, and you’ll surely see that on stage when you come and join us in the audience.  What you won’t see are the hours and hours of very hard work that the entire cast puts into making it look easy. 

Do not miss this delightful, melody-filled, smashing success of a show that is sure to have you all huming and toe-tapping your way out the door and for days to follow!


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